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frequently asked questions


How much will my sign cost?

That depends on a number of factors such as complexity of design, dimension, whether it is single or double-sided, and mounting system, among other things. It really just depends on the project and on your budget. Contact us to begin the creative process and receive a quote.


What materials are used to make the sign?

Our signs are made of high density urethane (HDU). This material is incredibly resistant to the elements making for long-lasting signs.


How long will my sign last?

We have signs that have been up for twenty years that still look great! We use quality materials to construct your sign. Many factors such as the elements, especially the sun and tree sap can affect the longevity of your sign. If placed in an open area, away from trees, your sign can last fifteen to twenty years or more.


tell me about the design process.

At our initial meeting, we will take the time to listen to your thoughts and ideas and to learn about the project. With the information we have gathered, we will design a sign that is a reflection of you and your business.  Once the design is approved, production begins.  We are a creative, full-service sign shop, not simply a sign manufacturer.  This is why more than 96% of the signs you see on our site are our original designs. In addition to being a reflection of our client's business, our designs are also a reflection of the creativity of our business.  We are an award winning shop. Let’s collaborate together to design a beautiful dimensional sign for you!


How long does it take to produce my sign?

Once a deposit is received (see ‘Ordering a Sign’), it typically takes six to eight week from design to completion; however, timelines do vary depending on many factors such as workload, weather, and supply chain, to name a few.


IS installation AND/OR SHIPPING included?

Typically, if we are installing your sign, it is included in the price you have been quoted. If we are shipping your sign, this fee will be calculated separately and has not been included in your sign quote. We will contact you about shipping and associated fees when your sign is complete. Also, we are happy to provide you with mounting recommendations and measured drawings to assist you or your contractor with installation.

Contact Artisan Sign and Design.

We are here to learn about your sign project, discuss concepts, recommend options, and discuss your budget.


Receive a quote.

From the information that we gathered is our initial (and maybe a second) communication, we will quote the project. This is a quote, not an estimate. We will not charge more for your project than what you have been quoted.


Send in your signed quote and deposit.

A 50% deposit will initiate the design process and will secure your place on our production schedule. No work begins without these items.


Approve your sign design.

Signed approval of the design is required before production begins.


Await completion.

We get down to work while you relax and live your life.


Pay final invoice.

When your sign is complete, we will contact you regarding your final invoice and any shipping fees, if applicable. Payment for final invoice and/or shipping fees must be received prior to scheduling installation and/or shipment.



Your sign will bring you years of increased business and enjoyment!


Changes to the design by the client following his/her signed approval may result in additional charges. Shipping not included in quoted price.

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